Alecsandri 8 Business District , Bucharest




The scheme is located in an historic area in Bucharest.  It is a large scale predominantly single use office development and as such poses significant challenges in relation to its successful integration into the smaller scale more varied existing architecture of the precinct.  However the primary decision to make three separate buildings along with the extension of the public realm across the site will contribute greatly to mitigating the effect of introducing such a large scheme into a sensitive context which has its own particular grain.


The next most significant aspect of the scheme is the development of an architectural language for the buildings which while fulfilling contemporary requirements for a high quality office working environment will also coexist comfortably with its context.  Our approach to this is to develop an architecture which uses repetition with subtle variations as the primary strategy. 


This aesthetic and formal choice will convey a strong sense of solidity which we believe is appropriate for the area while in reality providing highly glazed facades producing generous daylight levels to all the office space.  In fact the proportion of glazing in the façade is generally of the order of 82% throughout the scheme.


Invited Competition




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