Alto Vetro Residential Tower


Gross Floor Area



2 (Retail)

26 (Apartments)

Completion 2008

c. 2610sqm

Treasury Holdings


The site for the project is at the junction of Grand Canal Quay and Pearse Street . It measures 21.0m x 8.0m. Its location is significant in urban design terms in that it marks a particular moment as one approaches the city from the east by bridge over Grand Canal Dock. In a north south direction it had the potential to provide a visual termination to a new sequence which will start at Spencer Dock, traverse the Liffey by a new pedestrian bridge then move along Forbes Street towards Grand Canal Square .


The building is a sixteen storey glazed tower. At ground floor an entrance hall is located towards the middle of the plan and has a fully glazed inner wall looking onto the dock. There is a retail / commercial unit on either side of the apartment foyer. On the upper floors there are typically two apartments per floor with their living rooms at the ends of the building providing panoramic views in three directions. Bedrooms are located on either side of a central hallway but can also be accessed from either end of the living space through full height openings.


The building form is that of a pristine glazed rectangular free standing object. Floors are expressed by a thin stone band at each level. The architectural language of the scheme is consciously neutral in the interest of a singular architectural expression and presence. Behind the glazed outer skin sliding timber screens can be arranged at will to modify the sense of enclosure within the various spaces.

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