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SCA_Ard na Greine
SCA_Ard na Greine
SCA_Ard na Greine

3 Courtyard Houses, Ard Na Greine


Gross Floor Area


Design Development

c. 700sqm


A proposal for three courtyard mews houses on a site adjacent to a protected structure in Dublin. The proposal comprises two three bedroom and one four bedroom dwellings in a newly landscaped setting.

The form of the houses is dictated by their proximity to the existing protected structure, comprising a ground floor containing main living spaces which is enclosed to the perimeter. A number of courtyard gardens bringing light and air into the heart of the plan are introduced at the entrance area, dining and living spaces. This strategy ensures privacy both for occupants and when viewed from the neighbouring properties.

Above this level simple glazed enclosure contains bedrooms for each unit. The large format glazed sliding screens are treated with a ceramic frit to ensure privacy is maintained while transparent areas are maintained where key views can be achieved without overlooking.

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