Arthouse Multimedia Centre For The Arts


Gross Floor Area


Temple Bar 

Properties Ltd.

Arthouse is a four storey over basement building incorporating an existing 19th century house. It houses the first irish multi media exhibition / installation / performance space with full recording facilities and production unit at basement level, a large exhibition area for documentative exhibitions at ground floor, a library, catalogue archives, and networked information resources at first floor. Facilities also include a commissioning agency, a large workshop / lecture room for training and development and a suite of rental offices along with accommodation for artists agencies,


In urban design terms the project forms one side of a new Curved Street which constitutes part of the Temple Bar Framework Plan by Group 91 Architects of which this practice was a constituent member. The building also creates a new end to the long city block between the Curved Street and Dame Street. It has a more transparent centre corresponding to the void of the city block and allows south light to penetrate through the facade to the new street. This central space takes the form of a raised toplit atrium which becomes the focus of the building and which can be opened onto the street for special events or performances.

Completion 1995

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