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Ballast Pits





Fingal County Council 

This scheme proposes the development of the Ballast Pit site as a quality mixed use residential quarter, and identifies the opportunity to create a significant public space for the benefit of Skerries as a whole by the integrated development of the Ballast Pit site and the existing Skerries station site.

The design exploits the unusual topography of the site and proposes a place of unique character because of this.  Accommodation is arranged in a series of blocks or bridges which span the pit in a north-south direction.  The majority of these blocks are residential.  They rise to 3-4 storeys above the general surrounding ground level and descend a further 2-3 storeys to the lower site level. The areas between are landscaped as connected communal gardens. The central block closest to the railway station contains the public parking and leisure element together with residential, commercial and retail space.


Invited Developer

Led Competition

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