City Block 9


Gross Floor Area


Deloitte/ NAMA

City Block 9 is a very significant component of the ongoing urban renewal of the North Quays fronting the River Liffey. It is a large urban block adjacent to Point Square, a major civic space of city wide significance which is currently in its final phase of development.

The four commercial buildings are thought of as a family or grouping of buildings on a stone plinth. The proposed architectural language is unified and consistent while individual buildings are subtly identified by the use of a compatible range of four bronze anodised aluminium colours.

The particular architectural language and aesthetic of the building envelope is very specific and is derived directly from the resolution of a number of issues and challenges in an ordered and coherent framework. These challenges relate to the provision of optimum workplace daylight quality, solar shading on some frontages, privacy screening to the adjacent residential blocks, wind mitigation and constructability.

Permission 2017

c. 35,883sqm

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