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SCA_City Quay
SCA_City Quay
SCA_City Quay
SCA_City Quay

City Quay Mixed Use Development






Invited Competition

The project proposes a scheme whose architectural form and arrangement respond to both the particular context and to the larger city in terms of scale and significance.

Central to the proposal is the creation of a new pedestrian street joining City Quay to the junction of Moss Street and Gloucester Street. This street which is carved from the city block is formed by two seven storey buildings. These buildings become two adjacent towers where they address the larger space of the river. This change in scale is therefore a direct response to the architectural potential of the location.

The formal arrangement of a seventeen storey office tower beside a very slender twenty eight storey residential tower will create a built complex of architectural intensity at this very particular location in the city. Furthermore the residential tower is precisely on axis with the bridge as one crosses the river. At a more local scale, the new street will become a major amenity space for the area. This approach, which synthesises the local with the citywide, will create a landmark development of unique character

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