Infill Office Building, Dawson Street

c. 1965sqm

Dublin City Council

Completion 2002


Gross Floor Area


The building is L shaped in configuration forming a space in which a mature tree will sit. This involves the setting back of the main volume of the building from the street edge achieving a diagonal view of the Mansion House from the south. The general height of the building is five story with a set back fifth floor as well as a further set back plant room. However the northern elevation which has a strong relationship with the Mansion House is further modified by the use of a set back terrace to achieve a three storey scale where it addresses the Dining Room.


The fenestration at this point is in the form of a large glazed screen of opalescent non transparent glass so that no direct overlooking occurs. The right of way to the rear parking buildings has to be maintained, at it’s eastern end a stone and glass screen wall will act as a visual barrier to the carparks beyond. The space which is formed to the front is seen as an extension of the forecourt of the Mansion House and a Cafe / Bar use is proposed at the Southern end. The proportion of openings on the northern elevation where they have a direct visual connection to the Mansion House front are generally vertical in emphasis.

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