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Decentralised Offices Clonakility Bord Iascaigh Mhara -

The Department Of Communications, Marine & Natural Resources

Invited Developer Led Competiion






Office of Public Works

The site is located on a side road just outside the town proper.  There are adjacent developments of a factory, hotel and holiday homes.  This context is essentially unstructured and undistinguished and provides a challenging location in which to place an important government building complex. The strategy behind the urban concept is to respond to this non-descript context with a landmark building. The clarity of its form, skyline and its associated spaces create a strong place both in terms of its civic character and as a working environment.


The two four storey buildings stand on a new plinth of accommodation.  Both buildings consist of three floors of cellular and open plan office space above a generous ground floor foyer.  The foyer is highly glazed and visually open and is modulated by two entrance portals along with a number of large meeting rooms which are also given individual architectural expression.The  Bord Iascaigh Mhara block is directly connected to the Seafood Development Centre.

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