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Decentralised  Offices  Killarney
Department Of Arts, Sport & Tourism


Invited Developer Led Competiion





Office of Public Works

The project proposes a compact plan arranged around a toplit naturally ventilated atrium space over four floors.  This open atrium is a significant space in the building, appropriate to the building use and lifts the project qualitatively above a standard speculative office layout.  The atrium is the primary organisational element of the scheme.  It brings abundant light and ventilation into the building while acting as a constant point of orientation.  The compact plan of 30m x 33m means that all spaces in the building are never too far from its centre of gravity.  Circulation around the atrium is by means of open galleries.

As one enters the building between two polished stone walls clad in Kerry Red limestone the volume of the atrium space presents itself directly ahead.  The main reception desk is to the right, while a free standing cascading staircase rises through all levels to the left.  Behind reception is a block of service accommodation including lifts which  is repeated on each floor.  The more public and collective uses of the building are arranged around the foyer space.  To the left of the plan are placed interview rooms and an exhibition and waiting area.  While to the rear of the plan the canteen and library look to the south and onto a generous covered outdoor terrace which terminates the atrium space.  The building is highly glazed internally so that a strong visual connection between spaces and towards the atrium is always available.

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