Exo Office Building


Gross Floor Area


c. 22000sqm

Grant Thornton /


In Construction

The EXO building is a major new office development at the eastern edge of Point Square, a significant emerging civic space in the city. The name of the building is derived from the large scale exoskeleton steel structure which will be a defining element of the building’s iconography.


In its form and arrangement the scheme will fulfil two complimentary roles. Its northern end is seventeen stories high and will mark Point Village Square to the wider city, while more locally, in tandem with an adjacent 10.5m high cubic glass bar and restaurant it will also form the enclosure to the eastern edge of the square. This open composition of a tall iconic form juxtaposed with a lower glass element will give the eastern edge of the square a particular character while also inviting exploration onwards to the port.


Furthermore on the East Wall Road frontage, the continuously uplit undercroft of the building with its dramatic support structure of three elliptical mega columns will add new vibrancy and life a major city thoroughfare.

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