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SCA_Fatima Mansions
SCA_Fatima Mansions
SCA_Fatima Mansions

Fatima Mansions






Invited Developer Led Competiion

Dublin City Council

This proposal builds on the broad spatial, organizational and aspirational framework of the existing Master plan.

Urban Design
While embracing the principles of what has already been agreed it proposes a limited number of carefully defined and strategic plan modifications which are put forward as the basis for a more coherent and defined urban design solution.

These modifications are as follows;
To increase the spatial definition of the main public square and to create a heightened sense of place we have reconfigured the relative positions of Blocks A, B & C with each other and extended the form of block D. Therefore as one moves northwards along Reuben Street past the flank of the Public Amenities building the view is partially closed by the corner of Block B. This creates a movement to the left into the public space rather than pushing straight on to St. James Walk and bypassing the main space altogether. Similarly in placing the Community Building at the west end of the public space the vista is ended and a more defined urban experience is created. As one enters the scheme from the north the corner of the Public Building completes the view and gives an indication of the public space that lies ahead. Therefore in a general sense we are proposing a hierarchy of public space where a clear distinction between the scale of street and square is established in the interest of a richer urban experience.

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