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Residential Development At Fosterstown North



Gross Floor Area


BMC Jackpack

The scheme comprises a mixed use development of office, commercial and residential accommodation in a coherent urban arrangement. This arrangement responds to the significance of the site which potentially forms the northern gateway to Ballymun Main Street. The sites are therefore considered as two complimentary parts of a single project. The gateway is primarily achieved by placing two highly glazed buildings on the corners. On P1 an apartment building takes the form of a sheer curved façade to the main road and is six storey high. Its southern side fronts onto a parking court. On the opposite side of the street at P2 a complimentary development takes the form of a six storey Hotel building with a twelve storey residential tower above. The six storey base of accommodation while forming the street edge allows a full appreciation of the slender form of the tower. Furthermore the towers disposition on a north south axis means that it presents its narrow end to view as one approaches from the motorway to the north. On its eastern side it fronts onto a parking court. These two pristine objects form the new gateway to Main Street. The remainder of each site is primarily given over to residential development in the form of apartments.These are arranged around landscaped common gardens.


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