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SCA_Lime Street
SCA_Lime Street
SCA_Lime Street
SCA_Lime Street

Lime Street


Gross Floor Area


Hibernia REIT

This scheme comprises a six storey over part basement office building with a set back top floor and generous internal circulation atrium. It is proposed that it be a naturally ventilated building and its design and configuration in general terms reflects this aspiration.

The choice of materials and aesthetic is derived from the particular constraints of the site coupled with the aspiration to provide a highly sustainable architectural solution. The site offers two street frontages from which to gain daylight; these are south and west facing. These need to be extensively glazed to maximise daylight penetration into work areas, but at the same time need to address issues of solar shading given the particular orientation.

To resolve this conflict, the building envelope will be fully glazed on both frontages with the addition of a further layer to the facade make up.. This is comprised of a fine filigree layer of bronze anodised expanded metal in a full height four storey screen supported 400mm from the glass face on a concealed bracket system. This will provide the necessary solar shading while also becoming a major component of the particular aesthetic and identity of the building.

Planning 2017

c. 2411sqm

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