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SCA_Meath County Council
SCA_Meath County Council
SCA_Meath County Council
SCA_Meath County Council
SCA_Meath County Council

Meath County Council & Navan Urban District Council Headquarters






Open International

Two Stage Competition

Final 3 Shortlist

Meath County Council

The primary aspiration of the project is to provide a landmark civic complex for both Meath County Council and Navan Town Council, located at a strategic point on the site so as to benefit both the town and the wider context. The building is comprised of a singular 15 storey element 60M n height which addresses a new civic space, along with a linear 3 storey block accommodating Navan Town Council, which marks the entrance to the site. Both buildings address a new civic space beneath which is located the shared facilities connecting both elements, yet allows them each, their own, yet complimentary identities. From this new public space clear routes lead to the riverbank walks, and along the proposed new boardwalk to the southern edge of the site accessing the master-plan blocks and the new bridge to the town park.

This architectural arrangement will provide a dramatic focal point for the town and will constitute a significant enhancement of its public realm. Furthermore the complex, because of its form, will act as an iconic marker on the route from the town centre to the proposed park and the amenity of the Blackwater River.

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