National Convention Centre Hotel

Gross Floor Area

Design Development



Treasury Holdings


A proposal for a hotel which completes the new National Convention Centre on Dublin’s north Liffey Quays. Organisationally the hotel lobby, function and ancillary facilities are contained in the basement to fourth level, with main hotel bedrooms above this from fifth to seventeenth levels. A pool, fitness centre and spa is located in a double height space on the eighteenth level, for the use of hotel guests. Above this are located of hotel residential suites, with a multi-purpose business, recreational and guest’s amenities level located at the top of the building approximately from levels thirty one to thirty six.

Formally the project is conceived as being of a singular abstracted form, which appears light and partially transparent in its outer profile. This delicacy is achieved through the use of a double shading layer concept, which cloaks the building from sixth floor to roof giving the appearance of a semi-transparent skin which wraps a more solid inner form. Cuts into this outer layer are made strategically to reveal significant spaces in the inner form, such as the pool and fitness centre at eighteenth level, and the outer cladding is allowed to fragment and dissolve toward the rooftop amenities, which are partly external. In contrast to this relatively complex outer layer, the inner weathering and thermal façade is of simpler composition, modulating a pattern of transparent, opaque, translucent and insulated panels.

c. 55300sqm

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