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  • The EXO Building

The EXO featured on Archdaily, India Art n Design and E-Architect

We are really enjoying seeing The EXO building continuing to garner attention and recognition in publication and social media around the world. It has been featured most recently by Archdaily, the world's most visited online platform for the Architecture and Design Community, and one of our favourite architectural websites.

We developed a comprehensive suite of presentation images, patiently composed by the talented Erica Khaing, which explore the conceptual basis for the building. These complement Jamie Hackett Photography's beautiful images and short film of the building, alongside the day and night-time drone videography by our friends at Magnaparte.

This is in addition to recent publications of the project in India on India Art n Daily and on the E-Architect platform, furthering the coverage of this unique project across many divergent locations across the globe.

Congratulations to our clients NAMA / Grant Thornton and SW3 Capital/ Tristan Capital Partners, and to the main contractors Bennett (Construction) Ltd along with our Project Team colleagues MCA Architects, O’Connor Sutton Cronin, Linesight, Brady Shipman Martin, Virtus, MFS, Cameo& Partners and MSA Fire Consultants.


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