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  • The EXO Building

The EXO nominated in the Building and Architect of the Year Awards 2023

We are delighted to announce another major award nomination for The EXO Building in the Building and Architect of the Year Awards 2023. Nominated in the category Building of the Year - Large Office, the project sits alongside some of the most significant commercial developments in Ireland, which have completed in the last year.

The nomination is a significant endorsement of the design and construction quality of the project, its innovative structural and engineering approach and its landmark status as Ireland’s tallest commercial office building.

Congratulations to our clients NAMA / Grant Thornton and SW3 Capital, and to the main contractors Bennett (Construction) Ltd along with our Project Team colleagues MCA Architects, O’Connor Sutton Cronin Structural, Civil, MEP & Sustainability, Linesight Cost Consultants, Brady Shipman Martin Planning Consultants, Virtus Project Management, MFS Façade Consultants, Cameo& Partners Landscape and MSA Fire Consultants.


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