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SCA_Queen Street
SCA_Queen Street
SCA_Queen Street
SCA_Queen Street
SCA_Queen Street

Queen Street Housing

Dublin City Council

33 (Apartments)

2 (Enterprise/


79 (Duplex)

Completion 2003



Gross Floor Area


This project comprises the refurbishment of 84 flats in existing 1970’s blocks along with the provision of 46 new units and the general reconstitution of the urban fabric for the city block. The proposal for the site addresses the foregoing issues and can be summarised into a number of overall objectives as follows;


To re-establish Queen Street with a series of new buildings which vary in layout from four to one storey as they relate to both the existing blocks and the proposed new spaces.

To create new pedestrian streets for new private shared access to existing blocks and also establish semi-private common gardens that relate to particular groups of dwellings.

To create a new three and one storey terrace to Blackhall Street which establishes a new street edge and creates an axial relationship with the important approach to the Bluecoat School.

To create a small recreation area for all the residents and to propose appropriate uses for the existing halls in consultation with residents.

To provide dwellings which have generous private outdoor space in the form of terraces, balconies or roof gardens, and also benefit from the use of the common gardens and the proposed public park.

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