Office Headquarters, South Leinster St.

c. 5130sqm


Completion 2009


Gross Floor Area


The scheme is a six storey office block over an underground basement. The ground floor contains a reception area which incorporates steps and ramp to the higher ground floor level. The reception, lift lobby and office area are grouped around an external courtyard to the Eastern boundary. First, second and third floors are general office areas with lifts, toilets and associated facilities. The fourth floor has an external set back deck area to Leinster Street South. This is incorporated to reduce the elevation to Leinster Street South adjacent to the Georgian buildings across Leinster Lane on Leinster Street South. The fifth floor is set back from Leinster Street South and from Leinster Lane. The basement has parking for twenty vehicles and is naturally ventilated via vents at ground level.


The building is a mixed mode naturally ventilated office headquarters. It has a triple skin facade which allows the building to cool naturally in the summer and store solar gain in the winter. The building management system controls natural airflow and sustains a constant temperature throughout the building maintaining a high quality working environment. compared to more traditional office buildings the project can give energy savings of up to 60%.

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