SCA_Spencer Dock
SCA_Spencer Dock
SCA_Spencer Dock
SCA_Spencer Dock
SCA_Spencer Dock
SCA_Spencer Dock

Spencer Dock Masterplan


Gross Floor Area


Completion 2009

Treasury Holdings


This masterplan proposal enhances the urban design strategy of this major emerging docklands precinct. The main public space takes the form of a new south facing square adjacent to the river which will be formed by the lower historic buildings to the west and the proposed tower to the east, while an adjoining block located diagonally to its north-west has a major public concourse at street level as the main point of arrival from the proposed underground station at Spencer Dock. This space is in effect a major covered public city room. These two public spaces, one covered, one open form the heart of the new district. The square facing the river would have real significance in community and cultural terms while the station concourse delivers
people in all directions into the new quarter.

The Spencer Dock masterplan is characterised by large blocks with high densities - all have large footprints yet their mass is strategically placed to create a complex modelled building which responds to its surroundings and allows light and air to penetrate deep into the plan of the block. Each block has large cuts into its form - on the upper levels these become generous terrace or external break-out areas from the office space. On the lower floors they create an extension of the public realm providing a covered public area.

201,300 sqm

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