SCA_U2 Tower
SCA_U2 Tower

U2 Tower








Dublin Docklands



This project is about striking a balance between inclusivity and exclusivity in the city.

Its dual purpose therefore is to provide an outstanding landmark for Dublin while at the same time creating a facility for the city which is easily available to everybody. The proposal takes the form of an eighteen storey residential tower with a triple height studio complex at its pinnacle.  The tower in turn supports a double height cantilevered horizontal beam of entertainment uses thereby freeing the entire site to become a large covered public outdoor space.  This free ground plane with its vast oversailing inhabited canopy becomes the potential forum for a large range of both organised and spontaneous events, concerts, gigs, street and performance art, cinema and multimedia events, weekend market, café and bar, walking the dog, meeting you under… 


This will be a unique city place at the end of the peninsula formed by the Liffey and the Grand Canal Dock.

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