UCD Newman Joyce Spatial Integration Concept

University College


The project proposes the creation of a multilevel concourse space which will join the Newman Building with the James Joyce Library and in doing so create a new dynamic educational complex for the Arts.  The amalgamation of existing structures and new build elements will provide a unique gathering and movement space on the campus. 


Our proposal looks at this initiative as a significant opportunity to create a hub which can be pivotal to an extensive enlargement of the complex over time obviating the necessity to develop a completely new building for this purpose on other college lands.  It is therefore very much in line with the aspirations of the Campus Development Plan 2005 – 2015 in relation to providing accommodation in a more sustainable fashion. 


In that document higher density is proposed generally along with buildings of appropriate scale for the campus.  Our project endorses these aims through the creative reuse and extension of existing built stock and an appropriate increase in scale at the core of the overall campus.

Invited Concept Design

Open Competition




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