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Walsall Art Gallery

This competition was for a new art gallery in Walsall to house the premament Garman Ryan Collection, and provide a variety of interactive exhibition and studio spaces, artists' studios, a conference suite , restaurant and other retail uses. The project aims were;

To arrive at an elaborate and multi layered architectural form from the richness of programme. To create a civic space for the town, extending its public realm. To provide a unique place and identity for the Garman Ryan Collection. To provide a new facility which would invite the public to participate in all aspects of artistic endeavour and production.

the proposal makes a new courtyard space, contained by the gallery on three sides and by the canal basin to the west. This is seen as the major 'room' of the gallery and will be highly visible from the street or from the canal basin. It can be used for a large range of activities, including performance, installation, sculpture and recreation. The Foyer - the main introductory space to the gallery - is concieved of as being visually open, interactive and accessible.

The Garman Ryan Collection is located in its own special building. In urban design terms this building is seen as a special object which will be visible from other parts of the town, having the potential to become a symbol for both the collection and the gallery.

Competition Finalist

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