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SCA_Wilton Place
SCA_Wilton Place
SCA_Wilton Place
SCA_Wilton Place
SCA_Wilton Place

Wilton Place Apartments

c. 10740sqm


Ellier Developments


Tender Action


Gross Floor Area


The project proposes an innovative apartment building for this very particular site. Therefore at ground floor level there is a generous foyer space with its main entrance from Wilton Place. It provides a concierge facility with backup office, a health centre and swimming pool and a business meeting centre. The overall approach which we have taken to the form and arrangement of the building is the opposite of a traditional strategy where one would typically build the perimeter of the site and leave a void at the centre.


We are proposing a building with an eroded perimeter which takes the form of setbacks and courtyards. This strategy can respond to the variety of adjacent boundary and site conditions allowing the possibility of a building which presents an appropriate form in each case.


The intricacy of this architectural arrangement is supported by a sophisticated approach to the buildings envelope. Therefore it is proposed that the building be extensively glazed. This would be a major part of its iconic image. All apartments would have winter gardens which are highly appropriate in this climate and because of their layered façade would contribute to privacy and avoid overlooking. The glazing itself would be fritted to varying degrees to provide gradations from clear to translucent.

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