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High Density - Low Rise - High Quality

We are delighted that our office led research project into alternative residential development strategies is gaining attention and featuring in discussion in the media. Our work has recently been the subject of an article by Aidan Regan in the Business Post, following a LinkedIn open source piece published by the practice.

Shay Cleary Architects have been engaged over a number of years on a major research initiative into alternative residential design strategies. These low rise high density proposals seek to provide the numbers and density of apartment typologies, but to do so through low rise, house building methods. The proposals seek to respond to the current viability issues prevalent in the industry with strategies which are lower rise, lower planning risk and more economical to develop, responding to the kind of brownfield residential site available in our cities and towns.

The original LinkedIn open source article by Director John Dobbin can be found here;

The Business Post article by Aidan Regan can be accessed here;


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