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The EXO - Completion Photography and Videography

Our award winning project, The EXO, Dublin 1 has recently been the subject of completed photography and videography, capturing the building at completion. The beautiful photography has been completed by the talented Jamie Hackett Photography + Filmmaking, which captures the very particular character of this unique addition to Dublin's skyline. We are also working with Jamie on a short film documenting the building and the key design intentions behind its unique structure and form. The sweeping day and night drone footage which illustrates the completed structure within its docklands context at the eastern edge of the city has been completed by our friends in Magnaparte.

The landmark EXO building is the tallest commercial office building in Ireland. A unique engineering challenge, the building features a distinctive and highly innovative external exo-skeleton which forms the main structure, leaving a column free floor plate at the perimeter and referencing the iconic blue gantries of the Dublin docklands. The building features an extensive 1,000m2 landscaped roof garden to which all tenants have access.

Its pristine form responds to its unique location adjacent to the 3Arena, extending the public realm at ground floor under and around the structure. A highly sustainable commercial development, it was the first building project in Europe to achieve LEED V3 Platinum certification ahead of practical completion.

As an iconic piece of contemporary commercial architecture and the tallest commercial building in Ireland, the building has already become a new urban marker in the developing Dublin docklands area.


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